Diary Excerpts

April 27th 2014 Today I made my first meaningful trip to Lyme Regis to make some photographs for this new Mary Anning project.  Modern fossil hunters is a good place to start, surely? July 12th 2014 I’ve found her.  As I write I’m sat a few… Read More

She Sells Sea Shells

When I first went into Bristol Museum to look at the Natural History displays I managed to make a few half decent photographs of the dioramas.  I previously blogged about this but never put the images I made up because I got a bit lost as… Read More


‘any painting which is reproduced can be seen in a million different places at the same time. As you look at them now on your screen, your wallpaper is round them. Yours window is opposite them. Your carpet is below them. At the same moment,… Read More

Contact Sheets

Here are the contact sheets from the Auschwitz project.  They really reveal inconsistencies in my approach to the portraits.  I could excuse myself by complaining about the wind, rain and reluctance of the students to cooperate for any length of time as they were pretty… Read More

Holocaust Tourism

I must confess I hadn’t given The Holocaust much thought since a brief fascination immediately post-school. So when I found myself on a bus heading towards Auschwitz I didn’t really know what to expect. I have been running a tour to Poland at the college… Read More

On Camera Lucida

‘All those young photographers who are at work in the world, determined upon the capture of actuality, do not know they are agents of Death’   There are a few times when reading philosophy makes me feel alive.  Camus amuses me, Saramago delights me, Heidegger… Read More

At The Museum

I’ve been getting a bit fidgety of late.  I teach photography all day, and the bits in between teaching photography I spend discussing photography.  Then I go home and bore my girlfriend discussing ideas for projects that never come to fruition. Well, in an attempt… Read More


I have been exploring ideas over the past several months which are attempts to make sense of numerous projects that I have been working with for a good few years now.  I have arrived at a point in my own practice as a photographer which… Read More


I’ve now had a couple of days since returning home from Poland to think about what I saw and make sense of my photographs and notes. We took a group of 18 students to the ski resort of Zakopane, the Tatra National Park and finally… Read More


The Broadchurch conclusion was rubbish, a complete anti-climax.  It felt utterly different to all of the other episodes; like an afterthought. I suspect that it was filmed after the first seven and that the writers didn’t really know how they were going to end it until after… Read More

After Picasso

After much experimentation and a tonne of duds, I finally have a cyanotype image which I’m happy with.  This will become a series of work based loosely on images from Picasso’s Blue Period.   More to follow, including a short film showing the making of this image.… Read More


The essay that I wrote back in 2010 was finally published in Jan Tove’s newest book ‘Silent Landscape’. I received my copy a couple of months back, and, of course, I recommend that you all buy a copy.. -Jamie